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Lypossage: What is it and is it right for me?

    Many people who are struggling to lose weight at have considered the possibility of liposuction. Liposuction is a painful, invasive procedure, it's risky, and it's pricey. Liposuction leaves patients bruised and in pain with weeks of recovery time needed just to be comfortable in their own skin.   And it doesn't treat that sagging skin that is more evident after all the swelling from the invasive procedure begins to dissipate.

Lypossage is the NON- invasive alternative technique taking the beauty industry by storm.

     Lypossage is a type of massage therapy that targets toxin laden cellulite and fatty deposits beneath the skin. It incorporates deep tissue massage and lymphatic drainage. Due to a variety of causes, our bodies do not always effectively remove all the toxins from our system. These toxins collect in the fatty tissues in our body and can create visible dimpling and bulges. Lypossage helps to stimulate blood flow through these areas and 'encourage' the toxins to be released and flushed from the system. Lypossage also tones muscle and helps firm skin. As a Certified Lypossage Practitioner I will assist you the entire way through the program to ensure that you achieve maximum results!

Q & A :

Why do I have cellulite, lumps and bulges?

The fatty tissue of your body acts as a "toxic waste disposal site," where substances that it cannot metabolize are dumped. This congested tissue can have poor circulation (you'll note that cellulite prone areas are cool to the touch). Lymphatic flow may also be restricted by tight undergarments and pantyhose. The cellullitic layer is a physiological fatty layer that is supposed to be there. The extent to which it is visible is affected by several variables including: genetic predisposition, dietary habits, exercise habits, and hormones among others.

How does Lypossage work?

Lypossage cleanses the body of stagnant lymphatic fluid that can create the lumps and bulges we know as figure imbalance. The deeper Lypossage strokes break up adhesions under the skin that can contribute to the dimpled, uneven appearance of cellulite. Lypossage also tones the muscles, lifting and firming sagging tissue.

Where Does The Lypossage Technique Come From?

The Lypossage treatment is a specific blend of massage modalities that derive from physical therapy, including deep lymphatic drainage and deep tissue release. It was created by Charles W. Wiltsie III, LMT, an internationally recognized massage therapy educator and practitioner. Mr. Wiltsie conducted a year long study of 100 female subjects that documented the effectiveness of the technique. The study was published in Massage and Bodywork Magazine in 1999. In the study, notable results included an average inch loss of 1-1/2 inches per thigh, and a cumulative average inch loss of almost 7 inches.

What parts of the body respond to Lypossage?

Lypossage can be performed on three areas of the body known as zones. The zones are defined as follows:

  • Zone 1: refers to the lower body, including the hips, thighs, buttocks, and lower abdomen. Expected outcomes for this part of the body include dimension loss, structural improvements (posture and carriage), diminished look of cellulite, improved muscle tone, improved skin tone, cleansing of the lymphatic system, and improved circulation.
  • Zone 2: includes the upper abdomen, back, décolleté (chest and neck area) and arms. This zone targets improving posture, dimension loss in the arms and abdomen, toning and firming of the bust area, and improving circulation and lymphatic flow in the upper body
  • Zone 3: is performed on the head, neck, and face. This can provide quite dramatic results in lifting and toning sagging tissues in the lower face and neck, diminishing the appearance of wrinkles, and significantly improving skin tone and texture. This truly is a "natural" face lift.

Is it safe?

Lypossage is a non-invasive, natural health treatment that helps to cleanse the body of toxins and retaining fluids. Most clients find that Lypossage enhances their energy and mental clarity. While there are some contraindications for specific medical conditions, Lypossage can be safely experienced by most healthy individuals. It is much safer than surgical procedures such as liposuction. However, for those who opt for a more dramatic surgical result, Lypossage can be very beneficial both before and after the liposuction procedure.

Who can perform my Lypossage treatments?

Lypossage practitioners (Lypotherapists) are specially trained massage and body professionals who have learned this extraordinary hands-on technique; these Lypotherapists are certified to practice under the Lypossage name.

How are my treatments scheduled?

Each Lypossage session lasts about 30 minutes and is performed in a series of 18 sessions over the course of 4-6 weeks. It is important to note that for most clients, it takes 8-10 sessions before the results of the initial treatments become noticeable. After that, progress can often be quite dramatic.

What are some typical results?

While results may vary, cumulative dimension loss over five key measuring points in Zone 1, the average was 6.75 inches in the original study. However, it is not uncommon to find cumulative inch loss of up to 13 or 14 inches. One client in the study lost almost 3 inches in her waist alone. One client in Ohio, while combining Zone 1 and Zone 2 had a cumulative inch loss of 21 inches in the 10 measuring points for those zones! Most women find that they will drop one or two dress sizes without a significant reduction in their weight. Your Lypotherapist will weigh, measure, and photograph you before you begin your program, and at key intervals to track your progress.

Is there a special diet or exercise program?

Though the individuals in the Lypossage study were restricted from initiating any new diet or exercise program during the course of their treatments, we find that most clients become so inspired by their Lypossage results that they readily adopt lifestyle changes that help them progress even more rapidly. A diet rich in whole, organic foods and regular body movement will contribute to a terrific outcome. Avoiding foods containing refined sugars, preservatives, hormones, caffeine and salt, will keep your newly detoxified body in the best shape possible.  Drinking significant amounts of water is also key to keeping the body hydrated and cleansed.

What should I do on my own to enhance the results of my treatment?

We recommend that you follow an at-home body care regimen, including the use of products to stimulate circulation in cellulite-prone areas, exfoliate and hydrate the skin, as well as improve its tone and elasticity.

What do I need to do to maintain my results?

Maintenance programs will be customized to the needs of each individual client. At completion of a Lypossage series, your Lypotherapist will sit down with you to do a final consultation, including going over your results with you and providing thoughtful recommendations on what your maintenance should be. Continuing with the Home Care Protocol and a program of monthly or bi-monthly maintenance treatments will help you retain your results.

How Much Does Lypossage Cost?

Some areas charge around $1700-$2000 for the lypossage treatment series of 18 sessions over 6-8 weeks time..  As a trademarked technique Lypossage has a suggested package rate of $1495. (03/2017)

As a promotional offer Lypossage Treatments are available  at $995.00. That's $$ 500 $$ off suggested treatment fees!!!

Lypossage is a research based treatment that delivers realistic results. With your commitment of 18 sessions of 30 minutes each, you will achieve measurable results!

How do I get started?

To get started, schedule a private consultation today with your certified Lypotherapist! You can find out more about your suitability for the program and have all your questions answered or call 607-229-5931.

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