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    Revelations Therapeutic Massage offers in-home sessions at this time, thus meaning that for IN HOME SESSIONS it is up to you as the client to "set the session".  As your therapists I will provide the massage table, massage table sheets, blankets, lotions/ oils, and music. As the client you are responsible for the environment of which the massage is received.  
    As the client you will be responsible for ensuring that there is a safe, clear space for the massage table and a few feet around it for your therapist to work. (approx 12 x 8). This space can NOT be in a private bedroom!! A room such as living room, den, kitchen or office is most appropriate.

Other recommendation for YOUR comfort:

  •      Heat, be sure your space is adequately heated for your comfort, usually around 72-74 is appropriate.
  •      Music, if you as the client has a genera preference you are encouraged to provide it.  I do provide music BUT it is ":relaxation" based massage music.  
  •     Cell phones and Home phones, if you as the client want your space quiet without interruptions, don't forget to turn down your phones.
  •      Kids and Pets both, are generally speaking attracted to massage work and are likely to interrupt BUT, if you don't mind, I don't either.

Each new client will be provided a "Client Intake Form" with the first session.  The client intake form provides me, as your therapist, the information I need to ensure it is safe you to receive the massage that you are requesting. 
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